Fellows and Residents Training Support Solution

An administrative platform to make and track assignments and provide access to forums for both program directors and residents and fellows.

Free access to a comprehensive specialty online resource designed for both self-study and point-of-care decision making.

The inPractice Training Program is the only comprehensive, easy-to-use clinical training suite that is built from the ground-up by experts in specialty-focused clinical education. Designed to meet the needs of program directors, fellows, and other trainees, the inPractice Training Program integrates the latest practice-oriented content with time-saving training management, communications, and clinical research tools.

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Comprehensive Expert Content

Written by leading experts in your field, inPractice features the specialized curriculum and content you need to effectively teach and assess your trainees. The inPractice Training Program is your source for:

  • Continually¬†updated modules that reflect the changing standards of care, practice guidelines, and clinical trials data.

  • Evidence-based specialty-specific decision support.

  • Easy-to-access clinical content that integrates popular clinical reference databases under one powerful search feature.

Flexible Training Management

In addition to the latest clinical content, inPractice provides the flexibility to tailor curriculum to fit learning objectives and program needs. The inPractice training module adapts to your program with:

  • Resource libraries to upload and share content with trainees.

  • Training dashboards that can be used to track module completion and supplemental assignments.

  • Private forums to share ideas, challenges, and solutions with your trainees as well as other training directors.

Board Review Preparation

The inPractice Training Program provides trainees with opportunities to test knowledge and skills with expert-authored pretest and posttest questions for each module. With inPractice, your trainees have access to:

  • Detailed progress reports that allow at-a-glance summaries and comparisons.

  • Trainee forums to share opportunities and concerns with fellow learners.

  • Board review quiz game to foster engagement and friendly competition.

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